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Ok, you got us; we don’t really look like this…

In fact, we don’t look anything like these classical beauties at all. However, we can recreate this circa 1920’s look for our clients and for ourselves whenever we want to and that is exactly what we do! We should spend some time introducing ourselves first before we dive into any additional detail though… We are a a small team of four girls from extremely different and non-art or fashion based backgrounds who decided to go rogue and take a bold leap into the beautiful world of fashion and glamour.

Our gang consists of Amelia, Jane, Afrina and Sara. I’m Sara and I’ll be the one maintaining our blog and keeping it all updated with nice new fresh and sexy content for us all. We’re all roughly the same age (between 29 and 32 – at the moment, anyway) and we all have always wanted to work in fashion but never had the balls (to be very frank!). My background is in immigration law, Afrina’s is in language tuition (she works from home, which I think is fab), Jane works as a hypnotist (and yes, we have all been hypnotised by her!) and Amelia worked until very recently for a charity and now works part time as a fellow Glamour Cow and part time in a local fashion boutique. We are all from Edinburgh.

I’m now working full time as a Glamour Cow mainly by word of mouth via my makeup portfolio. So far, it’s proving fairly lucrative as weddings can really pay well! We all want to become 100% self employed 100% though and in order to do this, we know we have to have an online presence, hence the birth of this website! I really doubt that anyone will come across this blog by accident BUT if we or someone we know refers you to it, please do stay for a while, have a look around and a read. We offer fashion consultations and makeup consultations / tutorials and of course, my makeup artist services for all occasions (not just weddings!). Have a good read and have fun xxx.

P.S. Fancy a FREE makeup and / or fashion consultation via Skype? Get in touch NOW! x


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