A Quick Shout Out

So my partner, Aaron, has just finished updating his website: have a look 🙂 He is (the best!) chiropractor, ever. His hands work wonders for me and for his patients (who I am totally not jealous of 😉 ).

His last website was err… not so good. This one is about a million miles better so if you live in Coventry, why not pop over and take a peek? This is a little secret but this is actually how I met him a few years ago – I had slipped a disc in my lower back so I got online (from bed, stuffed chock full of painkillers, grr!), got the laptop out and Googled for a local chiropractor. That was when he was working in London but yep, must have been great timing because I happen to catch him then before he popped back up to Coventry (where he currently lives) and yep, it just snowballed from there on. I actually discovered that by adjusting my spine, I actually kid of ‘grew’ in height by a couple of cms!! I know that might seem incredulous but believe me, it’s true. Of course, it also eventually sorted out the disc that had slipped out a little and was causing great pain and tingling sensations down my right leg – but the main thing is that I grew slightly taller 😉

Anyway, enough gushing – I love him, he’s fantastic in every way, including in his profession so – go and check him OUT! 😉

Glamour Cow