Jane’s New Website!

We are SO proud at GC today! Jane’s just launched her new website (see it here). It’s absolutely amazing! Gorgeous colour scheme and layout! Go and see, go and see, go and see! Tell us what you think and if you’re in the Edinburgh area, why not drop her a line and book an appointment to see how your subconscious mind can help you quit smoking, lose weight, get rid of that bizarre phobia of shirt buttons / feathers / speaking to large audiences and a LOT more! It really is absolutely astounding what can be achieved with this ancient form of therapy.

All of the team have gone for it and the results can be utterly amazing and actually rather profound. I couldn’t stop eating chocolate. I would go through times where I would try very, very hard to stop or cut down and be successful for sometimes weeks on end but then found I could quite easily relapse and tuck into a chocolate cake with little chocolate curls and a helping of vanilla or strawberry icre cream on the side… I was totally obsessed with it – kitkats, mars bars snickers bars, creme eggs, twirls, buttons… I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that’s all the super cheap and unhealthy stuff, too! 😉 I wanted to eat it all day long and when I wasn’t eating it, I was thinking about eating it. I had one 30 min session with her and ta-da, the intense craving was gone for good. The best way I can describe the effect is like being brain washed in the best way possible. I never saw or heard from it ever again! Give her a shout as she’s super friendly, helpful, sweet and absolutely the real deal and her prices are very, very reasonable. You won’t regret it, I promise. x

Glamour Cow

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