Mega Update!


Would you believe it?! We’ve been wanting and needing one for eons and finally, the girls and I got round to actually sorting one out! It’s a teeny, tiny one in Dalston, but it’s just what we need! And guess what? We have a tiny little garden round the back of it too! How amazing is that?!

We had a huge tree taking up most of the space so we got a tree surgeon and they uprooted it and took it away so quickly that we could strat using our new garden about a week later (after grabbing a second-hand bench on gumtree for a tenner!). Huge thanks to the following skip company that helped us girls carry out a lot of our crap for free too! If you need to hire a skip, these are your guys. 

I’m going to be grabbing some cheap and fantastic potted plants over the next few weeks and really filling it up with lots of different colours and shades.

Anyway, in this new studio of ours, we’re going to hold fashion shoots, makeup tutorials (as well as filming them for youtube) and we’ll be professionally styling too! I can’t wait. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat with us about booking in a session or simply want to come down and say hiiiii!! 😀 😀 😀

In other news, I will be filling up the garden with things that look like the plants below. I especially like the random tuft of grass and those gorgeous little purple yellow pansies which are very obviously little people in costume! 🙂

We’re so excited. 


Glamour Cow